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Commercial Building

We buy commercial property

We offer you certainty of sale for empty or tired commercial buildings that meet our requirements.  Do you have a property that’s difficult to sell?  Or need a quick sale?  Let’s look at a deal that works for both of us. We’re honest, straightforward, and easy to do business with.  Let’s chat if you share the same values.

We build property portfolios

It can be harder to stack commercial deals.  You can make costly mistakes.  Let us source high-cash flow commercial properties for you. 

Access C45’s commercial deal pipeline and experienced project management team.  You’ll benefit from our expertise at every stage of the project journey.  

Experienced commercial developers with a track record of large-scale complex project delivery.  We’re your safe pair of hands.  

Building Plans
Stock Data

We increase savings

Unlock hands-free wealth growth with us, we offer exclusive, tax-efficient investments. Benefit from a track record of success, transparent communication, and effortless portfolio diversification in a thriving real estate market.

We source deals

Discover lucrative investment opportunities with our expert sourcing team. We specialise in identifying high-potential properties, providing you with exclusive deals for maximum returns. Let us streamline your investment journey by delivering carefully vetted opportunities, ensuring you make informed decisions and unlock the full potential of your portfolio.

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Streets of London

We buy to sell

We leverage market expertise to identify strategic purchases, enhance property value, and optimise resale potential. We pre-sell to minimize time on the market, and maximize returns. Invest in success – let us turn every buy into a lucrative sale for you!

We work with long term partners

To deliver large scale complex projects, we work with private, institutional partners and family offices.  If you share our vision for sustainable development, let’s chat. 

Fists in Solidarity

Do you have a property that is in need of a new lease of life?

Please get in touch to tell us all about it below 

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