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Let's collaborate


Build your Property

It can be harder to stack commercial deals.  Knowing what type of building to buy, exit strategies, scoping development costs, planning rules, risks and gains.  You can make costly mistakes. 


We buy tired commercial properties.  When you peel back the layers, these beautiful but unloved buildings can reveal surprises.  As experienced developers, we’re used to this.  We re-purpose and breathe new life into buildings. Our mission is sustainable development.  Being kinder to our planet. 


Let us source high-cash flow commercial properties for you.     

Mitigate Risk

From finding and analysing high ROI deals that match your needs through to viewing, negotiation, purchase, development and planning gain; you’ll benefit from our expertise at every stage. 


  • Avoid costly mistakes

  • Your safe pair of hands

  • Leave the hard work to us

  • Add to your portfolio with confidence 

  • Enjoy the process


If you’re asking yourself these questions, let’s chat:

  1. What type of commercial buildings should I buy?

  2. How do I find high cash-flow, high ROI commercial deals?

  3. Where should I invest?

  4. What are my possible exit strategies?   

  5. How do I accurately scope development costs?

  6. Where do I begin with planning gain?   

Experienced Project Managment team
Focus on sustainable development 
Access to C45's commercial deal pipeline 
“Glenn and I have worked together on various projects over the past several  years, his strategic advice, business support and ability to take conceptual ideas into delivery has been invaluable .”

David Brown - Investor

Joint Ventures

We match projects to meet your needs.  Avoid costly mistakes.  Access C45’s commercial deal pipeline and add high cash flow properties to your portfolio. 

Partner with a safe pair of hands and expert in large scale project delivery. 

If we partner with you, we will earn your trust.  We will listen.  And keep listening to you.

Are you passionate about sustainable property?  Do you share our ethos for ‘experiential’ buildings?   

Apartment Building

Funding Partners

We partner with commercial finance companies, family offices and private investors to provide both equity and debt funding to each of our projects.

Funds can be held anywhere between 6-60 months.

Mitigating Risk

Deal Review

Criteria Assessment 

GDV & Cost Check

Legals & Searches

Funding Review

We analyse many opportunities every month, and very few make it from deal assessment all the way through to the funding review. Each deal has both internal and external peer review checks that reveal any potential planning-related issues, site access and buildability challenges. Our exit strategies are aligned with our cost checks and market conditions. Those sensitivities are forecasted, planned and managed throughout the project development, allowing for increases in construction costs due to inflation, as well as decreases in sales values. 

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