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Building Experiences

Our Experiential Marketing Agency screeched to a halt when the pandemic hit.  Planes languished on runways.  Demand for in-person, global events dried up. 

We’d planned and delivered world-class trade shows, exhibitions, press launches and sporting events managing multi-million-pound budgets.

The penny dropped.  We were staring at the blueprint for our Property Development business.


Circafortyfive was founded in 2021 to champion the reuse of older, commercial buildings.  Affordable work and living spaces in the Thames Valley and South East. By re-purposing buildings, we’d avoid the need for new build, feed the circular economy and reduce carbon footprint. 








Drawing on our creativity, meticulous planning, track record of large-scale project delivery and creating unique experiences; we’d create experiential buildings. 


It would be no ordinary property investment company.


Buildings that wrapped their arms around you.  From the moment you stepped into one of our developments, your senses would be awakened. Their fabric designed for purpose and inspiration drawn from their locality. 


We partner with building owners, property agents, investors and local councils to produce unique developments.  With every project, we pride ourselves on upholding that original promise of reliability, creativity and value that inspired us to set up C45 in the first place. 


If transforming buildings into sustainable experiences resonates with you, please get in touch. 

We deliver experiences

Our Misson.

Where We Work













High Wycombe



Our Misson.


We are looking for commercial property, ideally with some character and a need for a new life, such as banks, offices, utility buildings, retail, shops with uppers, light industrial units, etc.

Ideally, the property would be vacant, located within a town and/or city centre, be a minimum of 4000 sqft, between 2 - 4 storeys, and freehold.

We will consider long leaseholds and properties with 2-3 years left on the lease.

Our Mission

To repurpose old commercial buildings into sustainable living spaces.

To find the most effective, efficient, and innovative solutions for commercial conversions.

To make things as simple as possible for you.

To provide experienced and knowledgeable project management for all conversion types.

To provide cost-effective solutions for projects from concept to delivery.

Our Founder

Our Values


Our business is based on Trust. We earn the trust of

others. We live up to the trust  that others put in us.

We treat everybody as we wish to be treated, no matter

of title, status or experience. Everybody should be

respected and respectful of others.

There is no exception to this.


We have a wealth of experience, knowledge and

expertise. We have a responsibility to exercise it with

equal amounts of humility.

We can all learn something from others.


We value openness, full cooperation, collaboration,

and clarity at all times. We have nothing to hide.


When we say listen, we mean paying proper attention

and trying to understand, not hearing the words whilst

we wait to speak. We start by listening and then we keep listening.

Glenn Bolton - Founder

Setting up his first business aged 21 years old, Glenn begun his career in theatre production.


Working as a Freelance Technical Director and Production Manager for live event agencies, he went on to host live events on a global stage.


From building mini cities all around the world to planning and executing lavish opening ceremonies for the London Olympics in 2012 watched by over 4 billion people.


‘I worked with Glenn Bolton on the Ceremonies for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.  As Technical Director, Glenn was a huge asset to the department he led and the project as a whole.  He had the courage of well-informed convictions without being closed to the input of others.  He cared about the quality of the project journey.  He cared for his teammates.  He cared deeply about the end product -the creative vision, the theatre and the audience experience.’ – David Zolkwer, Head of Ceremonies, 2014. 

Spotting a gap in the market in live event agencies, Glenn formed his own end to end Experiential Marketing Agency, The Production Exchange (TPE) in 2014.  Very quickly, he built a 7-figure business. With a solid Fortune 500 client base.


‘It seemed to me there were too many organisations working on ideas, and lots of agencies delivering events.  Ideas were signed off.  Project work begun without input from technical specialists; lots of firefighting and production challenges at a late stage.  TPE could create ideas, input from the outset, carry out feasibility studies, recommend creative solutions then turn ideas into reality, on budget, on brief and on time!’

Then the pandemic hit.  No air travel.  No in-person events.  The world changed on a pin. 

Realisation dawned.  The systems he’d built over the years for scaling up multi-million-pound projects were the blueprint for a property development business.

The vision for Circa45 was born.  To re-purpose tired commercial buildings into sustainable home and office space.  Avoid new build.  Feed into the circular economy. 

Create experiential buildings. 

Our Team

“Glenn and I have worked together on various projects over the past several  years, his strategic advice, business support and ability to take conceptual ideas into delivery has been invaluable .”

David Brown - Investor

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